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To be listed on the site costs $125.00 per year, about half of what it costs to place one, quarter-page ad in a national newsletter or journal and a fraction of the cost to exhibit at a national conference. 

You firm may be listed in as many categories as are appropriate, including links to e mail and your web site in each posting (and of course, additional links to your site moves you up on the search engines.)

Listings on HospiceResources.NET are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week so it's always there when a potential client goes looking for help. 

 Access to the site is absolutely free; there are no membership requirements or passwords so your listing is available to the widest possible audience.  If you have any questions please contact us at info@hospiceresources.net


Complete the application form below for your directory listing. When finished, click the "submit" button at the bottom of the form.


City: State: Zip:
Phone Number: Fax Number:
Toll Free Number: E-mail:
Web Site URL:
Describe your business in the box below:

Listings can also accommodate an individual photograph or business logo. If you would like to include a photograph or logo they should be sent to us in a camera ready format or you can send them by e-mail in a .jpg (.jpeg) or .gif file.

Place a check next to the specialty areas (below) in which you would like to be listed.

Firms offering accreditation surveys and/or accreditation consultations.
Firms and organizations specializing in policy development.
Alternative Media
Brandable Newsletters and Internet applications
Anti-Kickback, Fraud & Abuse
Consultants providing expertise on hospice-specific regulations
Architect                                                                                                                                                                                                             Firms specializing in the design of hospice facilities 
Associations and Membership Organizations
Organizations providing membership services including education, technical assistance and advocacy.
Provides general or specific legal counsel to hospices.
Consultants providing services related to operational benchmarking and monitoring
Board Development
Provides Board training.
Business Management Tools
Firms offering administrative tools to reduce business expenses and increase organizational productivity.
Certificate of Need
Consultation of Certificate of Need Requirements.
Clinical & Support Staff Recruitment
Consultants Providing Hospice Staffing Recruitment.
Computer Consultation
Provides consulting on computer needs, but does not represent a specific product.
Computer Hardware
Provides consultation and sells computer hardware.
Computer Software
Provides consultation and sells computer software.
Consultants specializing in employment and business contracting for hospices 
Corporate Compliance Programs & Audits
Developing and monitoring compliance plans.
Documentation / Forms
Provides Forms and advice on record keeping.
Durable Medical Equipment
Provides durable medical equipment to hospices.
Educational Consultant
Providing expertise in the development of educational programming
Educational Products and Services
Products and services for program development and staff and community education.
Assistance in developing Ethics Committees and other ethics related issues.
Executive Coaching
Management and leadership skills development.
Executive Recruitment
Provides recruitment assistance of professional level personnel.
Financial Software
Software Programs Designed Specifically for Hospice Financial Management.
Financial advice regarding chart of accounts, cost reports, billing, etc.
Fund Development & Capital Campaign Services
Fund raising counsel.
Greeting Cards
Cards that convey messages of comfort, support and sympathy 
General Hospice
Firms offering comprehensive consulting services.
HIPAA Privacy Compliance
Consultants Offering Guidance with HIPAA Privacy Laws in the Hospice Setting.
Home Health
Consultants experienced in home health care.
Inpatient/Residential Facilites
Feasibility studies, architectes, and other consultation regarding facilities.
Insurance & Risk Management
Provides insurance products, services and consultation.
Interim Executive Staff
Consultants Providing Temporary Management Level Staffing Solutions.
Managed Care
Marketing to and working with managed care organizations.
Marketing Consultation
Services related to increasing market share.
Marketing and Training Tools
Firms providing tools for marketing hospice services.
Medical Director & Physician Relationships
Consultants with expertise in employment & contractual issues, as well as relationship issues with referring physicians 
Mergers and Acquisitions
Firms providing merger and acquisition assistance.
Organizational Development & Organizational Change
Provides advice and consultation for organizations working through organizational change.
Palliative Care--Hospital Partnerships
Consultants Specializing in the Development of Palliative Care Programs and Hospice-Hospital Partnerships.
Pediatric Programs
Developing specialized pediatric programs and other services related to end of life care for children.
Pharmacy Group
Discounted pharmacy groups.
Public Relations
Media relations and training.
Publishing / Books
Publishes and/or distributes books on end of life issues.
Resources for Caregivers and Patients
Firms providing tools and publications to assist caregivers and patients.
Retreat Planning & Facilitation
Consultants Specializing in Retreat Planning & Facilitation for Boards and Staff.
Speakers Bureau
Available as keynote and/or conference speaker. Also available as workshop leader. List your specific topic areas or speeches
Standards / Outcomes
Program standards and outcomes measurements.
Strategic Planning
Planning retreats, visioning, developing future focused goals.
Team Training
Team work, communication, and education.
Volunteer Development
Program Consultation and Training.

List additional specialty areas in the space below, which you would like us to consider adding, comments or special instructions.

        NBR Computer Consulting, LLC